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We wish you a warm welcome in the Bed & Breakfast VanAgt Vlijmen and we ask you to inform yourselves about these Terms and Conditions.

Identity of the company:

Dieetbegeleiding en Kooktechniek Ilona Sabel, Acting under Bed & Breakfast VanAgt
Van Agtlaan 6, 5251 SH Vlijmen
Phone: +3173-5115789
Commercial Register: 17156472
VAT identification number: NL1117.72.813B01

1. General

* The owner of the Bed & Breakfast VanAgt can (if necessary) be replaced by a representative. Hereinafter referred to as Administrator.
* These Terms apply to all users of Bed & Breakfast VanAgt of the Agtlaan 6, 5251 SH Vlijmen.
* By entering into a lease agreement to these Terms and Conditions of strength.
* Upon request, a copy of these Terms and Conditions shall be provided free of charge to users. It is also possible to print out this via the website.
* Tenants must have a permanent place of residence.
* The administrator is not liable for damage, loss or theft of property of the user. In case of dispute, all the (legal) costs borne by the users.
* All the risks related to staying in or around Bed & Breakfast VanAgt Vlijmen be borne by the users.
* Damage and missing items of movable and immovable property of
owner must be immediately reported by users and reimbursed to the administrator.
* Guests / tenants must follow instructions given by the administrator.
* The administrator can guests / tenants for violations of these Terms and inappropriate behavior, immediately deny access to Bed & Breakfast VanAgt and / or reject, without further notice and reasons and without refund of expenses.
* The administration of the administrator determines in mutual disagreement unless the users can prove otherwise.
* Guests / tenants of the Bed & Breakfast VanAgt must adhere to the following Rules and Regulations

2. Reservation and confirmation

* The lease may verbally, by telephone, in writing or by e-mail are entered.
* Upon receipt of your reservation request sends the Bed & Breakfast VanAgt confirmation (subject to availability).
* For reservations No reservation fees are charged.
* Upon confirmation you will receive an invoice which can be paid by the owner of the shop through a private transfer or through PayPal. Once payment on our account, the booking is final.
* For additional costs during the stay such as drink you need to pay in cash upon departure. (No possibility of pin-payment) for prices, see the website.
The owner can vary in consultation with the user of this condition.
* The rates can be found under Bed and Breakfast rates on the website.

3. Cancellation

* If you unfortunately are unable to fulfill their contractual lease, you must notify us as soon as possible so that we can still offer to third parties the resulting vacancy Bed & Breakfast.
* Cancellations pay / pay the guest (s) compensation to the administrator. This consists of:
* Cancellations less than four weeks and more than two weeks before the arrival date: 25% of the agreed price.
* Cancellations less than 14 days but more than 1 day before arrival: 50% of the agreed price.
* Cancellation on the day of arrival or the day before: 100% of the agreed price.
* To be eligible for a refund of the amount paid (if any) the cancellation must be in writing (e-mail or post) to be passed on


Arrivals and departures
* Upon arrival you will first report to the owner and will be asked to show your ID.
* On the day of arrival you can use after 15:00 your Bed & Breakfast.
* On the day of departure the Bed & Breakfast should be free to 11:00.
* Only in concert can the above times are deviated.
* In early departure will be no refund.


* In consultation with the state administrator breakfast awaits you in the cozy living room, or in the kitchen.

Your stay

* Noise pollution, in particular between 23.00 and 08.00 hours should be avoided. Radios and televisions should not annoy others.
* Use by third parties of the Bed & Breakfast is not allowed.
* Visitors are not allowed without permission of the administrator and at no extra charge stay in the Bed & Breakfast.
* The bed and breakfast should be kept clean and tidy and to be left as found on arrival.
* Waste must be deposited in the dustbin.
* In case of fire, immediately notify the administrator.
* The presence of suspicious persons immediately notify the administrator.
* Pets are not allowed. (With the exception of guide dogs, in consultation with the Administrator) a subsistence allowance will be charged for stays of dogs.
* At the interior and / or furniture may (without the written permission of the administrator) no changes and / or additions are performed.
* Smoking in Bed & Breakfast VanAgt is not allowed. If you want to smoke can outside on the terrace.
* In case of loss of keys to the B & B are all resulting costs to the guest (s) charged.


* On the between you and Bed & Breakfast VanAgt is Dutch law. Any dispute between you and Bed & Breakfast VanAgt arising out of or relating to the agreement between you and Bed & Breakfast VanAgt will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Den Bosch.
* If there is a disagreement by translation errors, the Dutch text will prevail.

Send a reservation request directly by email.